Your Roadmap to a Career in SaaS

There are 40+ career options in SaaS. NextStop helps you understand non-technical careers in the SaaS space and equips you to choose the right career that complements your skills.

The Reason to build NextStop

India has a growing startup ecosystem that demands smart people. But the problem is a lot of these smart people don’t know where they would fit in a SaaS company. The questions anyone would have include:

"What are the various functions in a SaaS company? How do they hire? what do they expect?
How should I prepare for an interview? And what salary should I ask for?" and so on. 

NextStop is a platform to help these minds to find their careers in SaaS.

Why Sign up for NextStop?

Skill Analysis

Take a specially designed online test that will analyze your skills and suggest career options where you can put those skills to use.


Get access to courses that will help you learn the responsibilities of a job, master the necessary concepts, learn the tools of the trade, and prepare for interviews.

SaaS Career Guide

Gain access to in-depth information on 40+ SaaS careers, including salary trends, growth path, and the list of things you will be doing if you were to choose this career path.


Isotope – our podcast will feature interviews with people from different educational backgrounds who have created a successful career in SaaS.


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